Robert Lau Hui Yew

Deputy President


I came to know of the game of squash in my teenage year in Sibu. That was in the 70s when the first court was built in the only private Club in town, Island Club. I picked up the game while overseas and got to play in the reserve team for my Alumni, Hull University, England.

Upon my return to Sibu to work and settle down in  1990, there was still only this one court. I continued playing with a group of locals. With only one court, we would wait for our turn to take to the court. It was not very fruitful form of exercise as the waiting would be long and the game short. I switched to playing badminton.

However, squash was never far away from my thought. The opportunity came when my alma mater, Sacred Heart Secondary School underwent a massive transformation led by another old boy and former Deputy Minister, the late Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew. I was robed into the rebuilding program of the school facilities that consist of a huge school hall that accommodate 10 badminton courts, two outdoor basketball courts, two tennis courts, a football field and a rugby field. There was then an old wooden squash court built in 1983 by the school’s old students association and was abandoned by the time I returned. I took the opportunity to raise additional fund from my family to change the single squash court into a squash centre with 4 courts. That was completed in 2006.

With the new centre I started the junior program.  I was the first coach with my eldest son then age 7 as the first junior players. The first batch of players was from Sacred Heart School and children of friends and relatives. It has grown to 2 full time coaches (one former student of Sacred Heart and one from Pakistan) with  more than 60 junior players now.

That led to the setting up of Sibu Squash Association, which I helm until recently. In 2007 I was recruited into Squash Racquet Association of Sarawak and was subsequently elected to be the chairman. One thing led into another and I ended up in SRAM until now.

I have also been given the honour to head the newly formed South East Asia Squash Federation.

I continued playing squash. I suppose squash has become my passion. It is great pleasure to see squash taking root in Sarawak in a big way.