Squash57 Roadshow at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

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October 23, 2017
Squash57 Roadshow at Kuching, Sarawak
December 12, 2017

The SRAM Squash57 Sub-committee has started the Squash57 Roadshow with the first stop at Seremban on October 15, 2017, hosted by Persatuan Squash Negeri Sembilan (PSNS). SRAM has successfully solicited Dunlop to sponsor two rackets and a box of balls to the state associations who are interested to promote Squash57. The Seremban event went very well as it was arranged at the same time with NS Junior competition which allows the parents of the juniors to participate and take up the game as a fun, family sport. Mr. KK Chee and Mr. Francis Gan, from the Squash57 Sub-committee, were present to introduce the Squash57 Rules and demonstrate how the game is played. SRAM Deputy President, Mr. Nik Razeen, was on hand to present the Dunlop Rackets and balls to Mr Thiaga, the President of PSNS. The session ended with players from the floor trying out the game with the coaches and between themselves. Mr. Vasanthan, who was appointed the Convenor to promote the game in Seremban, indicated almost 10 people has signed up to play at the end of the session. A great start to Squash57 in Negeri Sembilan!  Here are some of the pictures of the event.


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