Referees, Assesors & Instructors Daily Rates * & All Related Fares

Referee Course Instructor*SRAM APPOINTED: RM300.00 / per day
Assessor*REGIONAL: RM180.00 / per day
NATIONAL: RM150.00 / per day
Championship Officials*CHAMPIONSHIP REFEREE (CR): RM200.00 / per day
RefereeClub Referee (Level 1): RM 75 / per day
State Referee (Level 2): RM 100 / per day
National Referee (Level 3): RM 125 / per day
Regional Referee (Level 4): RM 175 / per day
TransportLocal Official: RM 100 / per event
Out-Station Official: RM 150 / per event
Airport transfer: RM 170 (Home to Airport and Back)
Airport to Hotel & Back: RM 100 (unless organiser provide transport)

1) Exclude air flight ticket
2) Transportation rates are per official and one-off payment; for the whole duration of the event
MealLocal Official: RM 25 / per day
Out-Station Official: RM 35 / per day

Note: Meal allowance is given if lunch & dinner is NOT provided by organisers


Code of Conduct for Referees, Assessors & Instructors

It is important that SRAM qualified referees, assessors and instructors to conduct themselves at all time in a professional manner. They should be aware that their conduct reflects not only on themselves but also on fellow officials even when they not assigned duties at events. The duties of a referee are defined in the rules and it’s a requirement under this code of conduct that the officials keep their knowledge and understanding of these rules up to date. Therefore, it shall be verified and monitored by assessment at appropriate records which will kept by SRAM.

  • Must be in good physical condition


  • Must have natural or corrected 20-20 vision and normal hearing


  • Must have a full knowledge of the current Rules of Squash and their correct interpretation as laid down by the WSF


  • Shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner and give due regard to the authority of tournament officials


  • Shall, at all times, maintain complete neutrality with respect to all players and shall not enter into any relationship or take any action that casts doubt on their impartiality


  • Must not gamble anything in any manner in connection with any squash event


  • Must refrain from making any public remarks or comments to the press or, on any social media regarding other referees, players or persons involved with squash that would be likely to bring the game into disrepute


  • Must refrain from making any comments to players prior to refereeing their match or after the match. If confronted by a player post match, officials must refrain from comment other than directing that player to the CR


  • Training/Educational workshops should be delivered only by qualified SRAM Referee Instructors. Referees must not take on any formal coaching or instruction of the rules unless authorised and qualified by SRAM. This is not to be confused with one to one mentoring/assessment authorised and carried out by experienced referees at events.
  • Must attend all meetings scheduled by the Tournament or Championship Referee


  • Must give priority to the tournament schedule and adjust their own personal schedules accordingly CODE OF CONDUCT FOR REFEREES, ASSESSORS AND INSTRUCTORS


  • Must advise the CD & CR as soon as possible if taken ill or become otherwise unfit to referee during an event


  • Must fulfil all assignments given to them by the CR, unless previously accepted as unfit


  • Must accept all assessments against their current CBTA level of refereeing (SR, NR & RR) for quality control purposes, but may decline assessments against higher CBTA levels of refereeing if they feel that they are not ready for promotion


  • Should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of any session and must be prompt for all matches assigned to them (Refer CR on duty for the particular event)


  • Must not officiate in any match where their participation may cast doubt on their impartiality. Any real or perceived conflict of interest whether it be a family, business, or other relationship will render an official unsuitable for such an assignment


  • Must not address players by their nicknames, or in any way that could be construed as disrespectful


  • Must not discuss any calls or decisions made by another Referee with anyone other than that Referee directly or with the CR privately


  • May not drink any alcoholic beverage until all their duties for the day have been completed and they have been released from duty by the CR. Consumption of alcoholic beverages must be in moderation, so that their behaviour at the time remains consistent with their professional image and their decision-making the next day is not adversely affected in any way


  • Shall not participate in media interviews or meetings with journalists, where any statement relating to squash refereeing can be printed or broadcast, without the approval of the CR


  • Must, at all times, respect the players’ right to privacy. On no account should they attempt to talk to any player while the player is physically or mentally preparing for his/her match, nor immediately after the match


  • Must be attired and behave as if they were on duty, if present at a session of an event with no appointed duties


  • Must declare any conflict of interest due to relationship/friendship with specific players and not officiate any match where their participation may cast doubt on their impartiality


  • Must refrain from any public criticism of fellow officials, players, organisers, spectators, sponsors or events that may bring the game into disrepute.


  • Must submit written reports to the CR for any conduct penalties issued to players under the Code of Conduct (Players) Rule 15


  • Referees who have had their selection and attendance confirmed for an SRAM event, should not then accept other invitations to events that conflict with their appointment. Priority should be given to SRAM events


  • Should advise SRAM of any invitation to referee at events other than SRAM tournaments, sanctioned events or country events.
  • Must adhere to the SRAM Referees Dress Code whilst officiating, assessing or instructing. Referees should wear black leather shoe and black long pants. Other SRAM approved items of clothing may also be worn when appropriate and sponsors shirts may be supplied at some events. Shorts, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts trainers and sandals are not considered appropriate. If in doubt about the appropriate (or inappropriate) dress code, advice should by requested from the event CR


  • When attending a social event in connection with an event, are expected to conform to the dress code indicated by the event organisers.


  • The following are considered inappropriate attire when attending any match or event function: shorts, jeans, t-shirts, caps, tracksuits, leggings, tights, flipper, socks (short) and sandals. If there is any doubt as to what dress is appropriate (or inappropriate) for any particular occasion. Advised to discuss the matter with the event organisers.
  • All breeches of the Referees Code of Conduct should be reported immediately to the CD or the CR, either of whom will deal with any minor violations on an individual basis.


  • Serious offences will require SRAM to advise the referee in writing giving details of the offence/complaint and to collate a SRAM referee committee who will set a date to meet and decide any action to be effected. Referees will have the option of attending such a hearing and will be provided with copies of any relative complaints or statements.

Referee Instructors

National Assessors


1Leslie Morgan Ponnampalam
2Kellvintra Breshant Selvaraj
3Naved Kashif Khan


1Kellvintra Breshant Selvaraj
2Naved Kashif Khan

ASF Regional Assessor

ASF Regional Referees

ASF Regional Assessor

1Leslie Morgan Ponnampalam

ASF Regional Referees

1Kellvintra Breshant Selvaraj
2Naved Kashif Khan

National Referees

State Referees


1Abd Azizul Rahman Bin Abdul Hamid
2Haidar Bin Bakar
3Azizol Bin Md Amin
4Mohd Faizal Bin Abdul Manaf



1Muhamad Amirul Jamunir Bin Shamsudin
2Chan Ngai Weng


1Juliana @ Junina Binti Harun
2Farid Afandi Bin Zaniuddin
3Mohd Shuhaily Bin Jaafar
4Mohd Hafiz Bin Hashim
5Aman Shaiful Bin Yatin
6Muhammad Faiez Bin Amran
7Shahrul Nazrin bin Badrul Hisham
8Mohd Sabarinun Bin Misnun
9Samuel Chan Lup Zing
10Fikran Nurhakim Bin Abdul Wahab
11Asman Sani